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Welcome to Gilgandra Caravan Park in Central NSW  a family run park that consists of Peter, Katie and our two children Liam and Charlie. 

Peter is also a member of Gilgandra Fire and Rescue 300. So if you see someone running through the park then driving off don't be alarmed. (Unless he's being chased by a kangaroo, then take pictures, it's happened before) 

Enjoy and relax in our parkland setting. Our shady park offers drive through powered and unpowered sites for overnight or longer stays as well as a selection of cabins with differing layouts.

Gilgandra is located approximately 450km north west of Sydney on the Newell Highway and is roughly half way between Melbourne and Brisbane.

Frequently asked questions



Why do we have a 12pm check in time / Office opening?

Being a small family run park we do not have staff in the office constantly 

We try and fit all our "outside" jobs in by Midday so we can be in the office to check you in.

We've found that emails and coffee can wait and are easy to catch up on

BUT sadly there is no way to catch up on mowing or cabins in the arvo.
Hence our midday check-in

There are contact numbers on the door for any inquires prior to midday. 


Pet Friendly

Yes. While we are a pet-friendly park and have hosted animals from ferrets to parrots, dogs to horses, there are some areas we do not permit dogs for the comfort of all guests as well as our on-site animals. We will require you to sign our Pet Owners Promise at check-in. You can find more information on our Terms page.


Site size

Big Enough, I haven't come across something that we couldn't fit (although if its really big, bookings are essential)  



Smoking is permitted, but there are some areas where we do not allow smoking for the comfort of all guests, Cabins, and Camp kitchens around the swimming pool. While we don't have a set smoking area we also follow the 4m window and door rules, this applies to every site, caravan, tent, motorhome, etc. 



Sure do we are constantly working on improving the wifi service throughout the park.


Whats here

We have 2 camp kitchens, 2 Amenities, 2 Laundry Rooms, Fire Pit, Swimming Pool, Small Petting Zoo out the back, and some bits in the office.



We have a range of different cabins, from family cabins that sleep up to 6 through to Couple cabins with just the one double / queen bed, as well as pet friendly cabin options.


The town of Gilgandra

We are within 1km of the main high street where you can find pubs, cafes, the bakery, hardware stores, IGA, and bottle shops. The RSL is also a short walk from the park, don't you like walking? They offer a courtesy bus every day. 

Now you've decided this is the place to be, check out the MAP and book online.


“Life is like a road trip, enjoy each day and don't carry too much baggage”

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