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We take great pride in our family run caravan park.


Our children and guests children love the swimming pool and the little farm yard is always a huge hit with the kids, with Ned the horse, Tina and Gilly our Goats and Mama and Shaun the sheep. Plus a couple of ringneck birds in the avery. 

We have a fire pit for the colder seasons when the swimming pool is closed and vice versa when the fire pit is closed the swimming pool is open so there is always somewhere to sit back and relax with your favorite beverage. 

We get the occasional visit from the local wildlife (kangaroos, wallabies and hares.) plus our own animals that are here in the office, a Murray darling python and a Blue tongue lizard, which means there's always something to see.

And come night time being able to chill out under the stars in the middle of country NSW is something most can only dream of.


"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax"

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